What is NLP?

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP brainSimply put – we all make pictures in our minds.

When we hold a picture for a period of time (even unconsciously), we feel the emotions that are attached to that picture; our behavior is influenced, even directed by these emotions.

Change the picture and you’ll change the emotions; then behavior shifts too.

NLP is the art and science of using language (the language of our mind: pictures, words, feelings) to change the pictures in our minds so we can experience more productive behavior on a consistent basis. We’ll use NLP with our Breakthrough Coaching clients because it is fast and effective.

You will experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

All of our learning, emotions, and behaviors are unconscious. A simple way to think about your conscious mind and your unconscious mind is this: your conscious mind is the part of you that you are aware of – right now. Everything else is unconscious. Your unconscious mind is the biggest part of you. It runs your body — all your systems (circulatory, nervous, digestive, etc.), it houses all your memories, and much more:

Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind

  1. Stores memories.
  2. Makes associations (links similar things and ideas) and learns quickly.
  3. Organizes all your memories.
  4. Represses memories with unresolved negative emotion.
  5. Presents repressed memories for resolution – to make rational and to release emotions.
  6. May keep the repressed emotions repressed for protection.
  7. Runs the body – has a blueprint of the body now and of perfect health.
  8. Preserves the body– maintains integrity of the body.
  9. Is the domain of the emotions.
  10. Is a highly moral being – the morality you were taught and accepted.
  11. Enjoys serving – needs clear orders to follow.
  12. Controls and maintains all perceptions – regular and telepathic. Receives and transmits perceptions to the conscious mind.
  13. Generates, stores, distributes, and transmits “energy.”
  14. Maintains instincts and generates habits.
  15. Needs repetition until habit is installed.
  16. Is programmed to continually seek more and more: there is always more to discover.
  17. Functions best as a whole, integrated unit.
  18. Is symbolic – uses and responds to symbols.
  19. Takes everything personally – this is the basis of “perception is projection.”
  20. Works on the principle of least effort– path of least resistance.
  21. Does not process negatives.

NLP works directly with your unconscious mind to focus your energy on your desired outcomes. The result is that you will form new pictures in your mind – which will create new emotions – which will drive new behaviors. You determine what your ideal outcomes will be and together we remove any blocks, eliminate any negative beliefs, and align all parts your unconscious mind to achieve those goals.

Your conscious mind is the goal setter. Your unconscious mind is the “goal getter.”

NLP is a powerful tool for goal getting. When your unconscious is aligned with what you want, you’ll feel as if you are being gently guided and pulled toward your goals. Procrastination stops. Energy increases. Decision making is easy. You take proper action. You will feel that your head (logic), your heart (emotion) and your gut (instinct/intuition) are all pulling in the same direction… as opposed to fighting with each other.

NLP is a different set of rules for your mind

To make changes at the unconscious level we need to play by the rules of the unconscious mind. NLP is like an owner’s manual for your unconscious mind which will allow you to easily create the behaviors you want and enjoy new results. NLP will not seem logical. Much of it will not make “sense” to your conscious mind and it will make perfect sense to you at a deeper level.

To make lasting change, we first must get rid of things that hold us back such as old, negative emotions or limiting beliefs that were created. These act as filters in our present day interpretation of events.

Unresolved emotions are the source of the little voice in your head that tells you, “You can’t do this…” or, “Don’t try that…” Eliminate old unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs from your past with Time Line Therapy™.

Do the least amount of work to make the biggest change in the shortest time.