You are here because you want to make a change. Perhaps you’ve tried other things… books, workshops, seminars, weekend retreats… and still you feel there is something missing. You know what you want (sort of) and you know there is something between you and that goal. Moreover, you know that the ‘something’ is between your own ears – and you just haven’t quite figured out what it is – or how to get rid of it.

George Gillas has been delivering results since 2002. Our goal is simple: “Do the least amount of work to make the biggest change in the shortest time.”

In searching for a one-word description for what I do, I came up with “Catalyst.” A catalyst is a person or thing that precipitates an event or change. I believe that you have all the resources you need to make the change you want to make. The problem is that there is “stuff” blocking you… most all of it is subconscious. You know it’s there because you feel stuck. Perhaps a catalyst is what you need to clear away the problem and give you access to your own skills, talents, and desired actions…

This is not a long-term process. It is not coaching. Most of my clients achieve their outcomes in under 12 hours of total intervention time. That’s not twelve hours a month… that’s 12 hours total time.

How do we do that? Simple. Your unconscious mind knows no time. You can travel into your past memories in an instant and you can travel into a future of your imagination just as quickly. Together, we utilize the amazing power of your mind to change how you interpret your world. When we do that, your behavior changes…and you get more of what you want – less of what you don’t want. And we do it all without going “into the story” and feeling bad after a session.

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Do the least amount of work to make the biggest change in the shortest time.