SHIFT Series for MAPS 2022

The market is shifting. We know this.

Those who are prepared will win and those agents who continue to do business the same way as before will end up  on the sidelines picking up the scraps.

Or, worse yet, they will be out of the business.

Market shifts prove:

Only the Strong Survive

To ensure that you thrive in the shift – not just survive, we will be diving into SHIFT: How top real Estate agents Tackle Tough Times as a group over a 7-week period.

Two tactics each week starting Wednesday April 27. If you have not read SHIFT yet – get a copy and read the first two chapters by the 27th of April. And if you have read it… dust it off and dive back in! We’ll discuss what the tactics mean to you and, more importantly, how you plan to IMPLEMENT the ideas because the application of knowledge is power.

Weaker agents will leave market share for you… will you be prepared when opportunity is there?