On workshops, seminars, and speaking

Your presentation was content rich. You gave practical take-a-ways that I was able to apply immediately… you have a fun sense of humor and outstanding presentation skills…

Connie, Professional Speaker and Sales Trainer


Thanks for your outstanding presentation… it is always refreshing to hear someone speak effectively on a subject and demonstrate such a common-sense approach as you did… it was helpful to hear about the practical approaches you exposed to us…

Paul, Executive Director, Program Chair – Kiwanis Club of Phoenix


I invested 2 and 1/2 days with George Gillas to attend his live NLP seminar and can tell you that it was well worth the time and money I invested.  There were things in me that were reprogrammed that weekend that when I encountered certain situations the following week, my response and my behavior changed without thinking about it. Coincidence?  Maybe.

NLP at work?  More likely.  I would give my personal recommendation to attend this session. By the way, I attended this seminar based on Michael G____’s recommendation that he placed on this site.  Thanks Michael!

Steve, Salesman, High-end boats and watercraft


Thank you for a powerful presentation of amazingly useful information… personal self-induced pressure and my spirits have lifted…

Betsy, Advertising Agency Account Executive


… delivery was articulate and well thought out… you have the ability to take complex concepts and make them simple and applicable… I’m looking forward to using the new skill sets immediately.

John, Sales Manager, Telecommunications


Thank you for sharing your gifts. These insights will truly help me in my new career…

Vonnie, Print advertising sales ———-

George delivers his material with understanding, enthusiasm, energy, and lots of fun… The opportunity to actually practice the techniques in a safe environment provided built-in confidence and value in the workshop… This is a great add-on to all my years of sales training…

Jerry, Financial investment adviser


Private practice 

Dear George,

It is hard to remember what it used to be like. To say that I was born again is not too far off how I still feel after going through our NLP sessions together. It has been 1 ½ years – the most peaceful, loving and productive years I can remember. When “stuff” happens, I no longer get that emotional trigger that takes me to old memories. When “life” happens, it is no longer bogged down by the weight of unconscious and conscious energy of my past(s). I speak of this change often to my friends, family and even strangers. I wish everyone would do NLP therapy! But, as we all know, when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Please share this in your office and on your website. For those students who are ready to receive, I hope they come to see YOU! Thank you so very much for my new ME.

Sincerely, Tracey


I’m seeing a big change in my focus and drive this week, I’m feeling like my old self again. It’s exactly what I had hoped for when we began! You’re the man!

Aaron, Sales Executive / Inventor / Entrepreneur


I know you didn’t ask, but I will tell you anyway.

Today, I am conquering one of my biggest ‘procrastinations/fears’.  And, damn, I can do it!  Thanks for tools to help me focus and get rid of some of the baggage I put upon myself in the last year and a half.  And, I am finally able to forgive myself for not being able to ‘fix’ things that are not ‘fixable’.  That has always been expected of me and what a burden it has been.



Just wanted to say thank you for all the good work you do for people. We are especially thankful you are back in the Valley!

Annamarie, Daniela, Patricia


I have become more proactive and experienced new ‘levels’ of freedom during the holiday. My mind had/has definitely more attention/energy than before. I feel myself more out of the boundaries that I placed around myself all this time… This empowered me and made me feel proud of my achievement.”



Thanks for helping me unblock my energy and find my power… it’s a good life…



“Dear George, Thank you for helping me George”

Love, Max (seven years old and future anything he wants to be!)


… I am totally amazed at the experiences and what has come from the insights received during and after… I feel more confident and grounded than ever before… the word that comes to mind when I think of the sessions is “profound.”



I have been meaning to write this for months now but have been so busy feeling great that it has been delayed… I had been diagnosed with a chronic intestinal disease that had really sapped the life out of me… I was on a medical diet trying to feel good… Every day was a struggle for me… I would wake every morning after going to bed at 9 PM wondering if I would have the energy to make it… I was just doing the minimum to get by… After seeing George several times my life changed dramatically. I am pretty much eating whatever I want with no symptoms… I am so thankful I have a new energy for life and am back to being the me I knew when I was a much younger woman…



I have felt a shift from the last work we did. It is interesting when faced with a situation to react in a calm way. Very interesting…



… it has been over a year since meeting with you and I am so happy with the results of our 3 or 4 sessions together. I must say, at first I was a little skeptical of the therapy helping me overcome my separation anxiety and worry about my 23 year-old son. I could not believe how sad and distraught I had become from the worry about ____’s health… It was to the point that I was feeling his pain, not sleeping at night and could not have a phone conversation with him without crying…

After 3 or 4 sessions with you and going through the time-line therapy, I made an amazing transformation in my attitude and general response toward my son. The separation anxiety dissipated and the feeling of sadness left me. … I took on a more healthy and objective attitude… our relationship is back on track…

I don’t know how you did it and I can’t explain how it worked, but it did. As you said to me, “there are some things in life we don’t have to understand, just accept.” That is so true and you made me a believer…



Three months ago George helped me change my association for the taste of soda. Since then I have not been able to drink, look at, or think about drinking soda. … Instead I crave good old water… almost four months have past and I have lost 20 pounds… putting two and two together I realized the only thing I’d changed was my soda intake…



I am finding words cannot express what you did for me. I have my life back again!



I continue to notice a difference in my life as a result of my time line work with you, and I want to thank you again and again. I am so amazed at how my life looks to me now…



I am incredibly happier, recovering from a huge financial loss… but I have let go of the anger and hurt of the whole issue and am once again smiling with life. I can say that what you did for me was truly helpful and you came into my life at the perfect time.  Once I finally did what my heart told me to do, and put aside the dread of being on my own again, I was able to breathe and say “wow, what a lesson I have learned!”

Thanks for the blessing you have been to my life!



Amazing the work you do! … I got a new bid which was lower, and re-did the proposals. Interestingly…I put my full mark up on the labor, & w/ no hesitation, the proposal ended up higher than the 1st one that I was so worried about! Like I said, I had no problem adjusting the figures and sending it to the client! I get really emotional when I think about how much you have helped me. I can just go on and on about the results that I’ve had. I just don’t understand why everyone else hasn’t seen you. We all have things about ourselves that we want to change.

Thanks! Suzanne


I have never had a more profound shift in my being and awareness than I have had from the work that we did together! I can’t thank you enough…



(This one is so fun that I included it in its entirety)

One fear that I have had over the years, but was afraid to talk about is snakes.  Oh, little garden snakes never bothered me, but when it came to larger ones, I was petrified.  I didn’t show it much, but inside I was a churning mass of Jello. Today after work, Linda and I went for a hike in Thunderbird Park.  I mentioned to her a couple of times that late in the day is one of the best times to see rattlesnakes.  There were a lot of people on the trails, so I didn’t expect to see one. We rounded a curve in the trail, and there on the trail was a foot long baby rattlesnake.  He was just sunning himself.  Actually, two joggers had just gone by and one of them could have stepped on him, but I guess they didn’t. I stopped Linda in her tracks and showed her the snake.  She froze.  I was excited to see one.  I saw three female hikers coming up the trail towards us, so I warned them of the snake.  They started talking about going back the other way (around 2 1/2 miles back around the hill) to avoid the snake.

I found a small bush near by and broke a dead branch off of it and poked the snake.  He hissed and coiled to strike at me.  I know how far they can strike, so I kept my distance.  He didn’t move for about 30 seconds or so, so I poked him again and this time he just rattled away off into the bushes. I was totally in control.  I never once got scared.  I was relaxed and feeling great.

Afterwards, Linda commented on how cool I was in front of the snake.  I told her of my fear of poisonous snakes.  She said that no one would have ever guessed.  She said that I was as calm as a cucumber. I didn’t think that I would totally lose my fears, but I won’t second guess you again.  I feel wonderful.  I know that if I hadn’t seen you this last Tuesday, that I would have done everything in my power to avoid that snake.  I might have even taken a rock and tried to kill it.  I remained calm and in control. I think that Linda is now a firm believer in your powers!

THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL FEELING! I’ll see you soon. Did we schedule another session?