Align Your Head, Heart, Gut

What is Trigruence™?

When part of you wants one thing and the rest of you is confused, making decisions is difficult and sometimes… impossible.  And when your head (logical mind, heart (emotional mind), and gut (intuitive mind) all agree – are in alignment; decision-making and action becomes easier.

Trigruence™ is the end-state for our clients. We utilize various NLP techniques to achieve this state and we teach our clients how to maintain this integration through short-term coaching tailored to each individual client’s goals.


Why is this so different than traditional coaching?

Coaching takes a “top down” approach, working directly with the conscious mind to change behaviors through habits and accountability – over time. Trigruence™ Coaching is short-term and works directly with your unconscious mind. Watch the “Catalyst” video to learn more.

Trigruence™ Coaching also differs from traditional coaching because the first thing we’ll do is let work to help you let go of old negative emotions and beliefs that have been holding you back. We won’t do this by talking about it, that would be too conscious and time-consuming… we’ll do Time Line Therapy™ and other NLP techniques to change the way your mind processes your world. Then we’ll use some creative techniques to place a compelling goal into your unconscious mind. Learn more about Time Line Therapy and NLP.

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