Programs for Change

What follows is a description of our most popular programs, who they’re for, and what you’ll get.

Which program is right for you? We won’t know until we talk because “prescription without diagnosis is malpractice!” We want to be able to do the least amount of work to make the biggest change in the shortest time… so contact George Gillas today to discuss what it is you want to gain…

LEVEL I FOUNDATION: Identify what you want – release the blocks holding you back, create the foundation for change, and take action toward your desired outcomes.

Who is it for?

You feel stuck. It may be in health, relationships, career, or just a general feeling of malaise. Most likely, you’ve tried self-help books and DVDs. You’ve gone to seminars and workshops and perhaps have worked with a counselor or coach… and yet – here you are… in the same state-of-mind. It doesn’t have to be an major problem that you have; it could just be that things in life used to be easier and now you feel as if it’s more of a struggle.

You recognize this and you want to change it. You may not even know what you want instead – you just know you don’t want this anymore. And, although you don’t quite understand how this process works – something is telling you this may be what you’ve been looking for…

What you’ll get.

Most of the symptoms you feel are the result of your mind keeping old, unresolved events, with negative emotions, in check. You simply don’t have the mental capacity or energy to make the changes you want on your own. Exhausting, isn’t it? If you haven’t yet, please view the video at on Mental Energy to better understand this model.

What would happen if you no longer had anger, sadness, guilt, etc. in any of your memories? Imagine how you would respond differently to the events in your life if there was no fear or limiting self-talk rattling around in your mind. For a moment, consider the possibilities of what you could do with that newfound energy.

This is what Time Line Therapy™ can do for you. This is what we start with. You’ll also learn valuable tools to help control your thoughts and mitigate negative thinking before it can get you off track.

You’ll find yourself responding to situations rather than reacting. Life becomes easier when old emotions and limiting beliefs lose their power over you. You’ll be in control and much more at ease… and you’ll notice the effects after the first session.

Includes 6 to12 hours total intervention time plus intake. We’ll cover clearing out old unresolved negative emotions, limiting beliefs, etc. We’ll also put a goal into your future and give you tips and strategies to move towards that outcome.


LEVEL II FOUNDATION: Learn new tools to self-manage in any situation

This package is the same as the Level I Foundation and we now add follow-up coaching to your program because the main objective is for you to learn these tools to use yourself… in any situation.

Why Coaching?

Now that you’ve eliminated all the old negative thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have stunted your progress; it’s time to create powerful new behaviors and habit patterns.

The expression, “knowledge is power” is flawed. Do you know people who have lots of knowledge and are still struggling? Perhaps you have thoughts like… “I know what to do – but why is it so hard… why do I get sidetracked… why am I not more successful?”

A better phrasing is, “The proper application of knowledge is power.”

Our coaching program will teach you proven NLP-based tools to enrich your life. More importantly, you’ll learn to apply them so you have control of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, and results going forward. NLP has been called “an owner’s manual for your mind”. Together, through your coaching sessions we will write your owner’s manual.

Level II Foundation includes six coaching sessions at ~45 minutes each. These sessions will teach you powerful NLP tools and keep you on track to achieving your goals.


BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAMS – Where we make deep values-driven changes

All Breakthrough Programs include everything in the Foundation Programs. With Breakthrough Programs we dive deeper.

These are the most popular programs because they delve deep into a particular area of your life. During your intake session, you may discover that you want to more deeply explore your: relationships, career, finances, physical wellness, spirituality, personal growth, or some other particular area of your life.

The situation you are currently facing has surfaced before; it always seems to be dominant in one aspect of your life – and you are ready to change that because you know that when you do, the rest of your world will improve as a result.

Breakthrough Programs include everything in the Foundation package plus deep, life-changing work on your values. Values, in each area of your life are subconscious drivers – the filters that move you away from things you don’t want or toward things you desire.

Some clients have a high percentage of drivers that are moving them away from what they don’t want. As a result, they experience short-term gains and then tend to fall back into old, less-desirable patterns that they can’t seem to break on their own.

What makes these packages exceptional is the additional focus we put on eliciting these drivers and then realigning them to be sure that the majority of your energy is moving you toward what you desire – not away from what you don’t want.

Who is it for?

Things are going well – maybe even really well. Your health is good, business is solid, your relationships are flourishing and now, you want to kick it up a notch; take it to the proverbial “next level” and you want to do it with ease. You want to make a quantum jump and do it without the amount of “blood, sweat, and tears” that got you to where you are now. Or…

You have a particular problem or problems that you recognize. You know that this is a dilemma in your life and you want to eliminate it. You also know what you want instead and when you consider how that looks now – you get excited about your future.


LEVEL I BREAKTHROUGH: Achieve harmony in your life.

Free yourself from the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and causing you to repeat undesired and ineffective patterns that keep you from achieving all you deserve. Includes 10 to 14 hours total intervention time plus intake. Plus eight coaching sessions at ~ 45 minutes each over the next two months.

You’ll get everything in the Foundation Package, plus specific work on the subconscious drivers (values) that are affecting the area of your life that you want to change. We’ll elicit these at the beginning of your program to establish a baseline to identify specific unconscious blocks. After the intervention work, we’ll elicit them again so you can fully appreciate the changes you will have made. The impact of the shift is profound… it’s been described as “taking the brakes off” and moving toward a compelling future.

We will then work to create a new mindset and expectancy of your desired outcome. Just imagine what you could do if you had no self-imposed limits…

You’ll find your thinking will change. You’ll see opportunity where before you saw blocks. Decision-making will improve as will your ability to take positive actions towards your desired outcome. You will have more focus, energy, and self-awareness.

Old memories will no longer have any negative energy or emotional pull. You’ll find yourself responding to events based on the merit of the event, rather than your previous habitual reaction. It is common that physical symptoms of stress such as insomnia, fatigue, teeth grinding, GI problems, headaches, rashes, etc. lessen or disappear entirely, over time.

We also include eight weekly coaching sessions lasting about 45 minutes (phone or Skype) to keep you on track and working in accordance with your newfound mindset. You’ll learn simple and effective NLP techniques during these coaching sessions to help you self-correct and remain on target for your goals.


LEVEL II BREAKTHROUGH: Think of this as a “new you” in 90 days – playing to your strengths, trusting your instincts, deciding, acting and succeeding toward your goals.

Meticulous focus on a specific area of your life to create momentum toward your defined goals. Includes 10 to 14 hours total intervention time plus intake. Plus twelve coaching sessions at ~ 45 minutes each over the next three months.

What you’ll get.

Everything in the Level I Breakthrough and…

We also include twelve weekly coaching sessions lasting about 45 minutes (phone or Skype) to keep you on track and working in accordance with your newfound mindset. You’ll learn simple and effective NLP techniques during these coaching sessions to help you self-correct and remain on target for your goals.

You’ll also receive I Could Change Anything If I Only Knew How home study course. This program will guide you through making the same positive change in other areas of your life. Once you’ve gone through the Level II Breakthrough program, you’ll know how to apply the NLP techniques for yourself – the course will be a step-by-step guide to achieve the same results on own. You’ll be in control of your mind and independent of outside help… which is what you likely wanted to begin with.


Occasionally, a client will present with a situation that does not fit into one of the above programs. In a situation like this, we will customize a plan for that client designed to achieve their predetermined outcome as quickly as possible. As always the goal is to do the least amount of work to make the biggest change in the shortest time.