NLP for Personal Use

People interested in personal renovation* and business people who want to improve their effectiveness of influence and persuasion find that NLP is a powerful set of tools to make substantial change rapidly

If you are here for business, you may read the information below and think, “Yea, I have some of that going on…” If that’s you, contact me and let’s have a conversation because we will only know if this is for you after we talk.

You are here because something in your world isn’t working as smoothly as it used to or as you want it to be. It may be relationships, career, health/wellness, spirituality or some combination that is bothering you. Perhaps you find yourself experiencing restless sleep or you’re short-tempered and easily frustrated. Maybe you have a hard time making decisions… and when you do, you second-guess yourself.

Feelings of discouragement, anxiety, and being misunderstood seem to be more and more common in your day-to-day living and you’re noticing that you aren’t as self-confident as you remember. Maybe you’ve tried other programs to make a change and found only short-term success. The NLP model is different

If any of this is familiar – the good news is, we can help. I know this because since 2002 I have been helping clients who experience these symptoms change their lives. And what I know is that each of them, from the first moment we meet, has a glimmer of hope inside that tells them they have value – that they are worth more. My clients know, when they quiet their mind and check inside, that they have overcome obstacles like this before… they have what it takes to get what they deserve: happiness, peace of mind, optimism, joy, etc.

*You know what you are good at doing and being and you probably don’t need to completely transform – you simply need a renovation; a way to eliminate the limiting beliefs that crept into your mind and effective strategies to access your inner-strength. After all, you didn’t make it this far in life without solving some pretty serious challenges, right?  That’s what renovation is about.

Let’s clear the obstacles and give you new ways to tap into your own problem-solving skills.