Free Workshops for Your Organization

Are you a business owner – sales manager – HR professional – team leader?

I have seen firsthand how powerful NLP techniques are – and how simple they are to learn. I’ve also witnessed many people over-complicating NLP when teaching it to others.

Don’t get me wrong, to do this in a therapeutic setting does take a substantial amount of training. And, having had that training and having taught this to many students over the years, I can say with confidence – there are some tools you can learn in minutes and master in a couple hours. And those tools will change your life.

I want to share some of these tools with as many people as possible so I’ve created two simple 60-minute workshops. These can be delivered as a lunch-and-learn for your team, your customers, your prospects, etc. When a business sponsors an event that actually helps attendees live a better life; that business is held in high esteem.

That’s why these two workshops are FREE. Yes, FREE. All I ask, when you sponsor one, is that you provide copies of the handouts to your participants. I’ll make sure you logo and contact information is on the cover sheet so they will always remember you and your generosity.

This really is a win-win-win. Your guests win by learning time-tested effective tools. You win by being the generous host who thought enough about your guests to invite them. I win because I’ll likely interest some people to become clients for one of my coaching programs… or, you may decide to bring me in as a trainer to deliver the full-blown programs to your team.

Click on the titles below for a review of each program then call me at 602.527.0142 or email to get your questions answered and schedule your workshop.

For sales people: Winning the Mental Game of Call Reluctance: Prospect with more ease and consistency

For folks who are feeling stressed: Distressed to De-stressed in Three Minutes or Less: Effective tools to better manage yourself through stressful situations